Function Unidirectional Dyneema Sheet

Logo_Web2Dyneema can be created as a continuous filament yarn, used for things like strong ropes or nets, or as a unidirectional sheet. The unidirectional sheet is created in layers with one layer placed on top of another at a 90-degree angle to the layer beneath it. The result is a lightweight, low profile, flexible material that allows the energy from an impact to be distributed along the fibers much faster and more evenly than conventional, woven fabrics. Think paper-thin, slight-weight, bulletproof body armor.

Function created a distinct unidirectional Dyneema material for the brutal weather conditions you voluntarily face, day after day. And shedding snow and water like nobody’s business. We are proud to offer you something with balls.

Keep Calm and Slay it.

Function A2_18 Backpack receives coveted “Editor’s Pick” from Freeskier Buyer’s Guide!


The Freeskier 2014 Buyer’s Guide!buyers guide cover

Go check it out! But you’ll have to buy the magazine, the Buyer’s Guide isn’t on the Freeskier                website yet. Or check out the A2_18 here. Thanks Freeskier!

buyers guide pack

But that’s not all…The BFG’s showed up in the Buyer’s Guide as well!

buyers guige BFG

Nice way to kick off the 2013/14 season!



Outside Magazine

Thank you Berne Broudy for the amazing brand write-up last month on Outside!





Great write-up on this years carry systems from Mocoloco.



Fantastic Uncrate review of Function’s Snowboard and Ski Carry System!

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The most exciting thing Function launched in 2013’s SIA wasn’t a product but an “ingredient”.  Four of our products for next season are constructed from a non-woven material whose principle fiber is Dyneema ®.

For those of you who are not avid climbers or material junkies, Dyneema is a fiber which is incredibly durable and strong.  How strong you ask…  How about 10-15 times the strength of steel?  Yeah, that strong.

What this means for Function is some of the lightest and strongest bags to enter the snow sports market EVER.